Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GPS Tracking Device for Your Office

A GPS tracking device is a gadget that allows you to track a specific item at anytime. It's often used in shipping businesses in order for owners to track their employees on the road. The gadget is very easy to use and thanks to advances in technology, such a device is no longer expensive.

The most basic type of GPS tracking devices are those installed with SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card slot. This is a small card that can be purchased from mobile suppliers. This small card is installed in mobile phones as this card provides the identity of the subscriber such as mobile phone number and even available credits (for prepaid use).

Activating the GPS tracking device is very simple. The person who wants to contact the GPS tracking device simple calls or sends a text message to the number of the device using the phone number on the SIM card. The GPS tracking device will immediately respond, in text messages, the coordinates of the device. Users can use the coordinates to pinpoint the exact location of the device.

Other features in GPS tracking device depends on the extra available features from the gadget. Some can be configured to continuously send the coordinates, others can be activated with a simple text message and other GPS tracking devices can even take photos. It's a small device that can do wonders for your business if you want to constantly monitor your employees’ activity during work hours. All you need is a pre-paid SIM card to contact the tracking device through your mobile phone.