Monday, August 03, 2009

Office removals - tips and tricks

Transferring your business into another area can be easily done with the help of an office removal company. But don’t think that they will do everything – from packing to unloading in the new office. There are things that you have to do yourself to save time and properly secure your items.

Boxing Your Stuff

A popular technique to securely transport your items is to place them in a box. But be careful in stuffing everything in a box. As much as possible, limit the weight of your box to 50lbs. This will help ease transportation since it’s easier to carry and securing items will be easier since they will be properly stored inside a box.

Handling Fragile Items
Fragile items should be carefully packed before they are placed inside the box. The box dedicated to fragile items should never be heavy and should have enough space for additional padding. Mixing fragile to non-fragile items is not recommended since handling of non-fragile items is different.


To help secure the items and proper handling, labeling should be practiced. Many office equipments are fragile so the boxes where they will be stored should be properly labeled. As much as possible, label the products and identify them as fragile or non-fragile in the box.

Securing the Box

One of the many reasons why transporting certain items can be dangerous is when the box is not properly secured. After placing the items with enough padding, close the box and secure it – only opening the box in the new location