Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Apple Macbook Pro 13in

A good example of an improved device is the new Apple MacBook Pro 13in which has been re-designed and its price was cut. The laptop has an impressive bateery life and it proves to be good value for money.

The multimedia performance on this MacBook has been fine tuned so that the new incarnation has a performance rating far exceeding the already impressive multimedia performance that the old laptops. The new MacBook has a camera, DVD burner, a 160 GB hard disk and 2 GB of memory. What is even better news it's the price which is cheaper than the price of the previous models, so it is a good thing to see that Apple tries to keep the price down.

All of this is enclosed in a space that makes the MacBook a lot easier to take with you on trips because it's battery is said to last about 7 hours if you are using the laptop for easy tasks like typing a letter in a word processor. However, the battery will last less if you are watching a DVD.