Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MIDs for your business

MIDs or Mobile Internet Devices are small but very powerful gadgets that will allow you to access the internet and virtually implement various PC or laptop activities. They are often referred to as a product that comes in between of a UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) and a Smartphone. MID is a lot larger than a Smartphone (comes with 4.3"-7.0" screens) but smaller than UMPC because it doesn't come with a full featured QWERTY input. Some taunt this as a nearly useless device because of the increasing processing power of a Smartphone but under the right circumstances an MID might be the gadget that you need for your business.

An MID is very ideal for business travel. It's your "laptop in a pocket" because it's of its size and weight. Many MIDs today comes with full featured OS depending on the manufacturer. Some MIDs come with Windows, others Ubuntu while some opted for their brand of operating system. But whatever the OS is, it's still user friendly.

The only challenge for MIDs is its price. Many MIDs costs no less than $300 and that price can give you a good Smartphone with almost the same capability and calling features. The only difference is the increased storage capability of an MID device.
Before you purchase an MID, be sure that your environment allows you to use the capabilities of your device. Check for Wi-fi and network support for this type of device so that you'll be able to easily communicate at the office and access files even when you're using an MID.