Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free voice mail in the office

Voice mail for office and personal use often comes with additional monthly fees. Although they cost less than $5 a month, the total monthly charges will still be high because of the number of employees who needs an office voicemail.
But because of the advancement of technology, there are simple ideas that can be considered as alternative to voicemail. These are inexpensive and easy to use voicemail alternatives that can be implemented in the office immediately.

Audio Email
Office emails is very common and even a must for various companies. A regular email can be used as an alternative to voicemail. Instead of sending regular text email, users can record their messages in their computers and send the voice message as attachment. This is very useful for very long instructions that can't be easily expressed in text. This option is highly recommended for inter-office communication. The only disadvantage for this method is that it can't be implemented over the phone.

Free Voicemail Number
Another option for those who are looking for free voicemail services is to use a free voicemail number. There are websites that offers free voicemail number where its sole use is to receive voicemails. It's a regular phone number that anyone can call anytime of the day. The account is usually linked to your email so that you'll be alerted when you receive a voicemail. You can listen to the message online as it’s recorded in your personal account. Just make sure that you use it for general purposes since the recorded messages might be used by the voicemail provider without your knowledge.