Thursday, July 30, 2009

External monitor to boost productivity

A personal computer or a laptop will always come with one monitor which is more than enough for some professionals who only require simple office tasks from their computers. However, there are professionals who are literally swamped by work online and in the office that they are forced to multi-task in order to get things done at work. Multi-tasking is very challenging with a single computer monitor especially when you need to monitor a lot of information in real time.

For that reason, an external monitor is the simplest solution most IT professionals follow. By simply adding another monitor, additional applications can run at the same time and can be monitored with relative ease. Some even add an external monitor simply to transfer entertainment in another window and work in another window. But many professionals have to work on a lot of things at the same time. An extra window can help you work on multiple applications easier because you don’t have to change from one window to another. An extra monitor will display all applications at the same time.

External monitor is also relatively affordable compared to large screen computers. An extra LCD will cost no more than $100 while a large screen LCD will cost more than $200 without the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

If you’re office is constantly swamped with work that needs to be dealt with at the same time, consider having an external monitor. It’s a simple addition to your office but can considerably help improve productivity through efficient multi-tasking.