Monday, June 29, 2009

Project management for creative teams

Creative studios can be very stressful because there are a multitude of projects involved each with its own specifications deadlines and with the dedicated team to work on it.

When chaos reaches its peak a good project management software can sort things out.

As creatives consider each project unique, project management softwares should address unique issues and they should offer customized solutions. You won't use a construction project management software to manage a creative studio just as you won't use construction tools to work on an advertising campaign for a big customer.

A project management software for creatives has all the features to help the creative studio progress: timesheets, billing, time and customer tracking, job costing and Gantt charts specific to the industry. A management software will allow you to track a specific job and see the team who worked on it, the estimate and the actual time and also the deadline.

As soon as everything is in control, the creative minds can concentrate on developing amazing projects. Everybody knows their head is full of bright ideas and they cannot be required to focus on deadlines and other creativity killers so the project management will do all this work for them.