Friday, June 19, 2009

Designing office banners

A regular office may gain the attention of potential customers through expensive advertisements such as radio, TV and even online ads, but traditional banners ensure that the business is constantly marketed to consumers. Generally, they are very easy to be designed as it doesn’t require much experience to create one but a careful thought has to be made when creating an office banner. After all, the image of the company largely rests on how the banner is created.

When creating an office banner, here are two words you should not forget: simple and bold. By being simple, you avoid the troubles of creating too complicated banner that could confuse the customers instead of informing them who you are. Being bold simply means, your text could be read without any trouble. Use highly noticeable colours so that people can read your banner even in just one glance.

The size of the office banner is also important. This factor is actually often missed by some office professionals since they are accustomed of getting the banner close to them. Instead of ordering a banner that may not be read because of its size, ask for two or three samples in different sizes and try to see them from a customer’s perspective.

After you have created a good banner, consider how should display them. Sometimes, simply placing them on the wall will not do. Consider using alternative display styles such as using poles and placing them in your front office. Banner design companies often have a variety of display options so be sure to exhaust the possibilities.