Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wireless storage devices

Network Attached Storage or NAS is a highly recommended device for home and small business use. This device will service as a small server wherein networked computers could immediately store important data to prevent data loss in case the computer crashes or will not be accessible. NAS is also useful for small businesses to ensure availability of data in the network.

A few years ago, NAS is only limited to USB or network connection. However, Wireless NAS is increasing in popularity as powerful wireless connectivity is now available. Leading the group in Wireless NAS is the Time Capsule by Apple. With storage capacity of up to 1TB (Terabyte) users could wirelessly transfer and extract data from the storage device.

There are also manufacturers who ventured in wireless NAS for PC users. Manufacturers such as Iomega, MediaGate and D-Link are currently offering wireless NAS for PC. The storage capacity is almost the same with Apple as well as its price (up to $350 for 1TB of storage). Set-up is also straightforward but drivers are needed in each computer before it could detect the wireless storage device.

The speed of data transfer varies per wireless NAS. These storage devices use the standard 802.11 a/b/g/n for wireless connection. However, it’s highly recommended that wireless network devices in each computer would have the capability for 802.11n which is the fastest wireless connection. If you’re wireless connection is not “n” Look out for “Dual Band” feature of the wireless storage devices so that it could accommodate slower connections.