Friday, May 01, 2009

Office communication and Twitter

Twitter is an increasingly popular online service that allows users to post updates up to 140 characters. Its popularity came to a point of crashing the website a few times when it was first introduced but it eventually gained stability because of increased interest and investment.

At first glance, Twitter can be considered as a fad for younger generations as it only offers 140 characters (not words) or less. But when you take a look at it from a business perspective, you’ll realize its purpose could mean increased efficiency in communication not to mention savings.

The main selling point of Twitter is through its various channels for updates. You can update you Twitter directly from the website, your mobile phone and a Twitter client which is basically a small instant messaging application but only for Twitter. That means any massage on the road could be posted automatically via Twitter.

Twitter will allow users to “follow” each other. This means you’ll be able to subscribe to the updates of a Twitter user. In your business, you can ask everyone to follow your updates for messages as you follow their updates for additional information as well. Through your Twitter client, you’ll see their real time messages which could be seen by everyone. It’s like an instant message board that you can monitor in real time.

Aside from inter-office communications, you can also use Twitter to follow other businesses. There are experts who use twitter to reach to their readers so you can use this to get a little bit of information every now and then to help your business prosper.