Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cubicles vs. open office space

The design of the office space could easily affect the productivity of the employees. With the right type of design, you can ensure that your employees are comfortable at work while reaching the peak of their productivity.

One of the most important considerations in office designs is the type of space an employee would have. Basically, there are two types of spaces you can provide to your employees – the cubicle or an open space.

The cubicle is considered as the classic type of office space. This type of office space not only provides the employees a place to work but also a place where their privacy is respected. Your employee will also avoid any distraction since no one could easily pry on what he or she does. The office space will even be personalized so that the working environment would be according to the preferences of the employee.

An open space, on the other hand provides a welcoming space for the employee. Instead of being stuck to an office cubicle with no one in sight, you can design a table or a very long workspace where everyone will be working. In this design, the supervisors and even fellow workers could help each other in their work a lot faster.

So which design is perfect for your office? That depends on the tasks. If your employees are working on totally different assignments, it would be better if they have their individual cubicles. On the other hand, an open workspace would be perfect if everyone is working on the same project.


Monica D. said...

I have never worked in a cubicle, always had a shared office. Frankly I prefer offices because they are different. They offer you more intimacy.
Shared offices are the best, because if you are a team, you should stick together like a team.

Amanda Parkinson said...

While an open office ensures better utilization of space and eases intra group and departmental communication, there are also disadvantages. One is that the flow of work can be disrupted by the noise-producing machines, which distract the attention of the office staffs.

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