Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Office networking tips

Local Area Networking or LAN is implemented in most businesses in order for internet connection, files, folders, printer and other devices could be shared. Before a business is even set-up and started, LAN should be properly implemented.

Avoiding clutter

One thing that you should make sure when you are implementing LAN is to avoid clutters. Plan everything before starting in your project. You should know where to place the computers, the router and every other gadget so that you should be able to gauge the wires that you need. Clutters will make LAN problems difficult to diagnose and fix.

Wired or wireless

There are companies that opted to go wireless. WLAN however is an option if the speed you want and could get is limited. Through WLAN, you can usually have up to 10mpbs in speed in file sharing within the local network. LAN however, could get you up to 100mpbs of connection.

Installing a firewall

Firewall is very important since it will provide protection for your computers against small attacks. There are additional security measures that you should also do but it is highly recommended to make it local or per gadget. A firewall will provide you the security you need but you might also consider a more powerful firewall.

The best router

The gadget that will suggest the speed and reliability of the network is the router. Always get something that should be able to handle the number of gadgets that will connect to the network. As much as possible; purchase a router with a printer port for easy sharing.