Monday, November 17, 2008

Tips in selecting a photocopier

The right photocopier is always a must for every office. As businesses have to be consistently budget conscious, only the right photocopier should be purchased to cater to the need of the office without overspending.

Knowing the Need

Before considering the brand and type, it is always important to know the office requirements from their photocopier. There are photocopiers who can print up to 100 copies per minute while there are photocopiers that are only intended for black and white printing. Add-ons or special features such as color printing, speed of printing and even networking capabilities have to be evaluated as these features would fetch considerable price increase.

Types of Photocopiers

There are practically three types of photocopiers: the portable, desktop and floor standing. The smallest of the three is the portable photocopier which is perfect for companies or small businesses that is expecting to reprint less than 1000 pages per month. The desktop photocopier is a relatively larger photocopier which usually has advanced image editing features. The floor standing is the most expensive type of photocopier. This type of photocopier could send and receive fax, print, edit images and has networking capability for multiple users.

Overhead Costs

Aside from the purchasing price of the photocopier, the overhead cost of the photocopier should also be calculated. Some photocopiers will require less ink while others will require a brand new cartridge of ink every time the ink is replaced. Durability should also be considered as repairs for this type of office electronic equipment could be very pricey.