Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Surviving office demands on the road

Office workers are not just confined in their cubicles all day. There are times where work demands for employees to be outside the office. So they bring the usual things - laptops, mobile phones, GPS for travelling. Although these are very essential, they could cause more trouble that good.

Battery life - Because you're unplugged most of the time

Employees should remember that they are only as good as their gadgets. If their gadgets are not running, then they might not be able to update sales numbers in real time, talk to their boss or supervisor and help their officemates while on the road. Every employee should aim for a device that will last for more than three hours. Laptops should have 6-cell batteries which ensures constant use of laptops for at least six hours. Mobile phones usually won't have any problem but if you are constantly using the Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities of your phone, you might only have a device that will last for three to four hours.

Security is always the first order of business

Doing your work in Starbucks, in a client's office or in other areas with free wifi would seem nice and refreshing but you may be exposing the company secrets. There are hackers who pose as providers of free wifi but they will use that service to access your laptop. Before you access their free wifi, disable the sharing options in your shared folders. That way, your folders will not be accessed by anyone.

Being on the road will be very confusing that you may leave behind your important gadgets and documents. Before you hit the road, write everything that you have brought and double check the list.