Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Must Have USB Powered Devices

There are hundreds of USB gadgets that could be used for fun and productivity. But only a handful is actually useful in the office. Here are the following devices that you should consider in your office for improved productivity.

USB Storage Device or Thumb Drive – if you still don’t have one, better get one fast. You can store your office files and even applications so that you don’t have to drag your laptop on the road. Just insert the Thumb Drive and transform another PC into your PC.

USB Hub – not only USB geeks should have this but practically everyone. As most of the small gadgets could be charged and powered through the USB, an extra slot for the USB could be very helpful.

Fly Fusion Pentop Computer – developed by toymaker LeapFrog, this USB pen will record everything you write and upload them in your computer. Most perceive this as a kid’s toy but if you are in places without a computer, this gadget could save your thoughts which could be read later.

Wireless USB Remote – don’t get stuck in front of your laptop during office presentation. The wireless USB remote let’s you control media player applications in your laptop and your PowerPoint presentation.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – don’t get stuck with too many wires in your cubicle. The wireless keyboard and mouse lets you operate to as far as 1 meter away from your computer or laptop. Although you will still end up in front of your computer, you will significantly reduce wire clutters