Thursday, September 25, 2008

Computers get greener and “Wyser”

In this polluted and eco-suffering world, obsessed by slimming and slenderness, there are also thin computers offered by Wyse which run from a single central server and consume less energy. Thin computers use servers running a choice of UNIX/Linux, HTML applications, Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Citrix Applications Delivery, or VMware VDI .

They also replace PCV with a Thin or Zero Client, doing an easier job for the IT because they can manage user desktops by moving their complexity to the data center.

A thin computer works just like a PC (to the person who uses it). All the familiar softwares and user interface are there, but data, operating system, and applications all reside back on the server. And they cost less to own and operate.

What is appealing is that thin computers consume about 90 percent less energy than a PC. The producer guarantees that its computers will last for 7 (I would say – apocalyptic) years.

The facts about using thin computers are:
For 1,000 normal PCs there are 70.51 kilowatts consumed per hour and 146, 660 Kw consumed per year; costing $13.111 per year.For 1,000 thin computers there are 7.14 kw consumed per hour; 14,851 kw per year and $1,327 energy cost per year.