Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Space saver, mind blower, Virtual Keyboard

Just imagine an empty desk with a screen, a wireless mouse and pretty lights projected onto your desk. That is what your desk will look like if you have the Zippo sized Virtual Laser Keyboard, a device that projects a keyboard onto any flat surface and uses optical movement recognition technology to pick out what letters you are typing.

If you are constantly using you iPhone or Blackberry on the go, if your desk space is limited, or if you just like as few things as is possible on your desk, then this little gadget will work ideally for you. I purchased one as a gift for a friend last year, mostly for the novelty value, but checked with him recently and found out that he still uses it regularly with his Tablet PC. Apparently, apart from impressing everyone in the office with the pretty lights it works without a hitch.

But what attracts me the most, as I write this on a keyboard used by other people, is the cleanliness factor. Who knows what people touch before they check their emails on your laptop really quickly, and who wants to imagine for that matter. For all you clean freaks out there, this is one way to clean your keyboard without risk of short circuiting everything.

Plug it in, start using it, change your settings and parameters to suit your typing style and you’re off!


Unknown said...

Nice little gadget, like the red light. How much does it cost?