Monday, June 09, 2008

A relaxed way to work out in the office

Your one hour lunch break, if you are lucky enough to take a full hour for your lunch break, is not always enough for you to snack and do a little working out. And if you are one of us, working in an office all day, mouse in hand, you will be needing some relief for your aching wrist or cramping hand.

This is where the Powerball comes in. Powerball suppliers call the device a “a dynamic hand powered gyroscope”, in plain English a ball inside a ball that spins really fast if you twist your wrist. You hold the ball and rotate your wrist to increase the speed at which the internal ball spins. Within a few seconds this simple movement starts to exert a surprising amount of force on your entire arm, giving you a full arm workout. No need to change into shorts and rush off to the gym. When your wrist starts tingling after sending off emails all day just lean back for a minute or two and give the Powerball a go.

Furthermore, it improves your grip, helping in a whole range of sports and outdoor activities, from rock climbing to badminton and has been recommended by chiropractors as a good tool for the rehabilitation of various arm injuries that can be suffered in the office, such as carpal tunnel.

Apparently, these little gadgets cause quite the competition around the office during breaks, as they record the highest rpms (up to 15000!) and display them as a kind of high score. Just a little pointer: You might want to let the boss win.


      • Generates 40 lbs of force
  • Built in speedometer
  • Six program functions
  • Internal window displays and records your achieved RPM
  • Auto power shut-off
  • Batteries included*
  • Achieves speeds of up to 15,000 RPM
  • Glows neon blue when spinning
  • Great for sports training
  • Improve your grip for when you're next hanging from a cliff edge in cool shades with a smug smile on your face. Or of course for tennis, golf, squash, archery, fencing, etc
  • Size: 7.5cm x 6.5cm

*Requires x 2 Watch style Batteries in the speedometer