Friday, May 16, 2008

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro for Web Conferencing

Amongst the crowd of software companies forcing with obscure ways their users to purchase their software products, one exists which actually addresses kindly specific market needs with pioneering solutions.

Adobe attracted a lot of attention with the release of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro targeting the declining market of business events, conferences, forums, summits and symposiums with a simple, user-friendly web solution promoting communication security and cost efficiency.

The Acrobat Connect Pro incorporates two already well-established software; the Adobe Acrobat and Macromedia Connect. The technology utilized in the Macromedia Connect was acquired by Adobe a couple of years ago, along with the whole company, in a strategic acquisition which brought Adobe a step higher on the global software ranking, currently holding solid ground on position 5.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro is a supreme software solution setting an outstanding benchmark in web conferencing and eLearning.


Unknown said...

Actually, the product from Macromedia was formally known as Breeze. The name was changed to Acrobat Connect after the acquisition of Adobe and Macromedia.

Unknown said...

Thx Michael, well spotted.