Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mobile Phones - The new health threat

Today’s post might not be a pleasant one, yet it is as serious as cancer is. Throughout history humanity seems to have been striving to survive various threats. Romans were dying from their lead-made cutlery, then it was plague’s turn to take its toll upon humanity, the yellow fever, the atomic bomb, smoking and even a deadly flu spread by birds!! The most recent one is a beloved friend and companion, a device equally adored as it is despised.

Studies conducted by neurosurgeons reveal growing evidence showing that excessive, long-term mobile use appears to be connected with specific types of brain tumours. Publications in medical and scientific literature, based on increased evidence supporting the theory, suggest an almost certain link. More specifically, the evidence indicate that there is an increased risk of developing a brain tumour on the preferred side for mobile use. I may not know what acoustic neuroma and astrocytoma exactly are but they don’t sound very jolly, and note that those two types of brain tumours do develop on the side of brain coming more in contact with mobile devices.

I am sure that many of you are already familiar with the theory, as it emerged few years ago. Back then studies and research proved no correlation between mobile technology and brain tumours. Unfortunately few individuals' raising voices that tumours develop over a period of 10 years were quickly silenced by mobile manufacturers. Unfortunately though, 10 years or more is actually the probable time length a tumour needs to develop, and mobile technology was introduced to the wide public around 10 years ago. The meaning is simple; effects on public health started to emerge recently and will reach maturity around year 2012.

I just hope the same voices which rise today screaming for caution when it comes to children using mobile phones, will not be silenced easily.