Saturday, February 02, 2008

Work from home(ffice)!

A few years ago, the claim of owing a ''home-based'' business would definitely raise some eyebrows. Moreover, people often chose to refer to them as...''bogus'' companies. And I am sure there are still many people out there, who believe that if you don't put on a dress, a suit, or any other type of ''work uniform'', have proper offices- even if your business doesn't really need one- and generally, adjust your behaviour and appearance your peers, you are definitely NOT running a ''real'' business.

However, nowadays I daily come across people who run successful- sometimes even international- business, and they are not ashamed of admitting that they work from home. Possibly, mass media has played a vital role in making it possible for someone not only to work from home, but also manage and run a healthy company. As a result, home-based companies are gaining more and more respect even by more conventional companies, who do not believe that the model- although different to theirs- lacks in business substance.

And because it is normal for people to think that if they work from home, they might not be as successful- which is true, in some occasions-, here's a list of things to reconsider in case you ever have an offer to work from home...

- No boss, no board of directors or shareholders. Your only boss is your customers.
- You are free to set up your own priorities and therefore to be accountable to yourself to meeting them. You are also accountable to people you have chosen to be and not random people who got a promotion ahead of you.
- Healthier living. You can get to the gym or a lovely swimming pool whenever you like, in ten minutes or less.
- One of the latest technology advances, you can now work from home anywhere in the world with free local and international telephony via Voip. All you need is a laptop!

Put on your pyjamas and get to work.