Sunday, February 24, 2008

Anyone seen my new laptop?

We live in an age where flying business class means you can get a power socket to plug in your laptop and work away at 30,000 feet.

However, airports are full of lost and unclaimed laptops. It is also widely known that there are many laptops which have been lost in airports and they never turn up. This kind of security risk concerns thefts and external risks.

There is also another type of risk- security related- that makes most IT managers to admit their hatred of laptops. They get countless calls about why laptops don't work, constant demand for the best and the latest products and they have to cope with the cost of replacements when a machine crashes.

They are called by their CEO's to find the cheapest and most effective laptops for employees so as to save money for the company. On the other hand, companies have addressed this need offering cheap, high-tech, functional and effective laptops for companies and individuals.

With the prices set to be extremely low, laptop purchase has become a quick and easy decision.