Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vintage style in offices with attitude

A ''new'' trend in decoration and in lifestyle has launched lately that although pre-existing, people seem like just dug it out and brought back in fashion. Vintage art has been always a sophisticated form of art used in decoration and lifestyle or even in way of living and thinking.

What impresses me though about this trend is the wide adoption by people who choose stylish pieces of vintage art to decorate their offices. I have recently happened to drop by an office of a company that was decorated with posters of vintage art hanging on the walls. The overall outcome was really positive as the pieces used had given a sophisticated tone to the office's atmosphere as well as an elegant look to the person working in.

For those who are ignorant of the term, vintage style used to be a trend 25 years ago mainly in garment industry and considered as a reaction to the loss of social values. In other words, there was a strong connection between lifestyle and attitude towards real values.

Overall, vintage art, as said above, comprises a sophisticated form of art that can be expressed in many ways depending on the use you prefer it for. You can find posters and decoration items in specific real or online stores. You don't need to have special decorating skills to give your place an elegant look;just keep it simple.