Monday, January 28, 2008

Office wine tasting party

Want to organize a mini party at the office after work? a wine tasting party is always elegant and if organized well in advance it will ensure a pleasant time for all of your colleagues.

What you need though in oreder everything to run smoothly is drinking equipment and an assortment of wines. You don't need to hire a wine expert to take the group to the sanctuary of wine flavours. If any of your colleagues is considered more wine experienced and willing to help ask him or her to lead the group.

You can also prepare some cheese plates using different kind of cheese just to accompany the new flavours of wine. For the wine selection, there is no need of asking everyone to bring a bottle of wine. There are online stores that offer great assortments of wines in good prices delivered straight to your office. You can split the cost and spend a great ''wine'' afternoon at the office.