Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Flowers improve work performance!

Recent survey has revealed that flowers scent can affect people's mood in a positive way. Considered to be true, people have already started taking advantage of this theory and make use of flowers not just for decoration purposes but as influential factor on people's performance in work.

Most employees regard their working environment as a depressing place to work in. People strongly believe that an impersonal and uncoloured office make those who work in moody and less productive. There are many ways though to improve the bad office image and therefore to amend their mood and performance in terms of productivity.

One of those that is being already applied by many companies is placing bunches of flowers in several points around the offices in work. There are businesses that specialize in office stuff including delivering bunches of flowers to your place of work. A good example of such business is Euroffice company that offers a range of different bunches options categorizing by price, colour, occasion, season and sentiment.

Even if you work at home, Euroffice can always deliver the flowers of your preference to the place of your choice.


Anonymous said...

Euroffice has a very fast/next working day delivery, but sometimes they are a bit careless with the orders....

Anonymous said...

Well, this may be due to high demand but in general the level of customer satisfaction seems to be good. It is normal for a company sometimes to be careless with products details but that certainly makes the difference between competitors. However it would be wise and highly appreciated by the company to be aware about complaints that customers may have. It helps to get improved and therefore keep customers loyal.

Anonymous said...

You sound pretty confident about their services. Have you been working with them before?