Monday, December 04, 2006

Stop stealing the office supplies

Latest reports indicate that one in five young workers steal office supplies without thinking it is wrong. Only one in ten older workers do the same. No one knows how many employees had been caught in the process or how many were fired for such behavior.

One expert professor that has studied employee theft for years has revealed that he has himself never been caught. He is the author of some of the most important research and authorships in this field.

He claims that employees fall into two categories: those who steal office supplies and those who don't. He admitted some employees may take office supplies home accidentally and is not interested in these employees.

So, between the kleptomaniacs, survivalists, cheapskates, and basic thieves it's a wonder any company can keep it's office supplies. Companies are therefore advised to buy only the cheapest, lousiest supplies - pencils that break, pens that skip and staplers that jam.

Ever wondered why the stationery was in such a state?
Now you know!


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